Taipei Scooter Style is dedicated to sharing Taiwan's unique scooter culture with the world at large.

This blog began its life in December 2012.

It's updated periodically with photos, stories, and videos about riding scooters in Taiwan.

You won't find lists of scooter shops. Those open and close frequently, and since they're almost as common as convenience stores, no one in need of an oil change or tire repair will have any trouble finding a shop to handle those tasks.

Instead, images of Taipei's scooters, the people who ride them, and the roads and sidewalks upon which they pass will feature prominently. Capturing the entirety of scooter culture would be impossible, and even providing a comprehensive view is an enormous project.

But that is the aim of this blog, to turn the lens on scooters as a way of life: convenient, thrilling, mundane, romantic, vocational, aggressive, aesthetic, pitiful, curious, and everything in between.