Friday, September 26, 2014

Cycling Route 2

Here's the second of six cycling routes in the mountains southeast of Taipei City. It starts where the first ride ended, on Yanjiuyuan Road in Nangang. This second route is approximately 12 kilometers long and begins with a climb of 5.5 kilometers in length, rising 319 meters in elevation.

Here's a map showing the location of the ride relative to Taipei City. Click the image below to see the Google Maps page showing the route in detail.

You'll encounter some traffic on the ascent, but not much, so be sure to keep to your side of the road. There are some tea houses at the top if you feel like taking a break.

On the video, the grade is really only evident on the switchbacks, as you can see the difference in height between the different levels.

On a bike, you'll definitely notice you're riding up a hill. The average grade is 5.8% At the top of the hill, the road levels out, and you'll see the mountains stretching away to the east and south.

The descent makes it way via Route 33, which you'll turn onto right at the top of the climb.
The start of Route 33

Shiding to the left, Nangang to the right.
There won't be many vehicles on Route 33, but the ones you may meet won't be expecting you either, so exercise caution when approaching corners  with limited visibility.

I saw one of the two bikers of the day on this route. He was making the climb up Route 33. I did not shout at him to go faster.

Near the end of the ride, before crossing the bridge and reaching Route 106, I spotted these two retro-style motorcycles parked next to a stand of banana trees. Oddly, the riders were nowhere to be seen.

When you reach Route 106, turn right and continue straight for about two kilometers. When you come to the corner with two convenience stores, the third route will begin, leading towards Shiding proper.