Monday, September 22, 2014

Cycling Route 1

The hills around Taipei are a cyclist's paradise. Light traffic, natural scenery, decent road surfaces, and grades ranging from gentle slopes to heart attack hills await the adventurous biker.

If you're ready to explore the mountains southeast of Taipei City, you'll enjoy the series of videos that will be posted on this website over the coming weeks.

I recently took a scooter ride one sunny afternoon and filmed six separate climbs. These are all routes that I've ridden on my bike in the last six months.

My renewed interest in cycling has preempted recreational scooter rides since March, and this project is a return to producing videos from the scooter rider's perspective.

This first route starts on Chongde Road, not far from the intersection of Keelung Road and Heping East Road, climbs up to the cemetery and along the ridge above Mucha, and then descends into Nankang, near the Academy of Science.

Of all the rides, this is the most gentle. The total ascent is just 143 meters. Enjoy.

If you have further interest in learning about cycling routes in Taiwan, I recommend It's a site that allows cyclists and runners to share the routes they travel. One of the company's projects is the Global Heat Map. It's made by aggregating the GPS data collected by cyclists who use the Strava website. You can zoom in and see the most popular routes anywhere in the world. The brighter the color, the more people use that route.