Saturday, April 19, 2014

Curry Roti King

Scooters are great for popping down to the nearest night market for dinner. In Xinidan, Athula's Curry House in the Bitan night market is a magnet for scooter riders who need a meal for the road.

Bitan's an old river port in Xindian, and the narrow alleyways are lined with old houses.

This alley is barely wide enough for two scooters to pass, and it's right near the historic irrigation channel built in the 1750s that brought water to the rice paddies in the area that would become Taipei City.

Athula Gamage, Xindian's Curry Roti King

Athula created the curry roti, wrapping Sri Lankan curry in a fresh-made roti. It's popular with visitors to the Bitan Night Market, but you won't find it in Sri Lanka. It's Athula's invention.

Sharing the road

The corridor that leads to the scooter parking area underneath a hypermarket in Xindian.