Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Occupied Legislature

Activists have occupied Taiwan's legislature to protest against the manner in which the Cross-Strait Service Trade agreement was passed without sufficient review of its contents by lawmakers. Thousands of people have flooded the area surrounding the legislative compound to show their support for the protest or merely to observe the demonstration.

Taipei Scooter Style was circling the protest to give you the view from the street.

See the crowds along Zhongshan South Road in front of the Legislative Yuan, the barricades blocks away from the Presidential Office, the inadequate defenses around the Executive Yuan (breached on the night of the 23rd by protesters), and the double-line of defensive barricades around the Presidential Residence.

Then, it's back across the bridge into New Taipei City for the ride home. Finally, a drama between a pack of motorcyclists and a lone bicyclist is a case study in road justice, a la Taipei Scooter Style.