Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Street Scene

Here's a round up of photos I've taken with my phone on the streets recently.

I spotted this battalion of police scooters lined up on Zhongshan North Road late one evening.

This scooter in Xinwu, Taoyuan County was becoming part of the landscape.

Here's an example of how Taipei scooters gracefully age. The plastic cover on the rusted muffler has melted around one of the anchor bolts and is now dragging on the ground.

Vespa Taiwan's use of mannequins in its display window suggest they are selling a lifestyle along with the scooter. A sign advertised a new Vespa 125cc for just NT$99,800.

This NSR and its rider are ready for the race track.

An example of expletive upholstery for the profane rider.

Chuck Taylor for him and her.

How many cases of paper or beer could you carry on a scooter?

An exotic Italian scooter, a Benelli Koala, sits rusting on a lane off Xinyi Road.