Monday, November 11, 2013

It Works, Most of the Time

People who haven’t been here very long, they very often describe the traffic situation here as chaotic, but you know what, it’s actually not chaotic at all. There is a method in this.
In the shadow of a giant rubber duck, a son of Edinburgh contributes his view of riding a scooter in Taiwan. As airliners pass overhead and crowds queue to see the duck, he tells us about his first motorcycle in Taiwan, the hassle of wearing rain gear, the ride over Hehuanshan that he still hopes to make on day, and his theory about traffic flow in Taipei. In his words, “It works, most of the time”.

As a family man, he expects his son to ride a scooter one day, imagining that anyone without a motorcycle of some kind will be an outcast. Finally, in the concluding story, we hear about a man, his dog, and an elderly woman on a scooter, and how they all contribute to the rich tapestry of life.

The rides in this video form a rich tapestry of their own. You’ll see a dry afternoon along Fuhsing and Minzu Roads, a wet day in Taoyuan County, tree-lined roads in Xindian’s hillside suburbs, a community garden on the way to Wulai, and the not-so-secret entrance to one of Wulai’s least-known scenic areas.

The music featured is “This is Fair Roads”, courtesy of Christian Adams, from his Golden Tones project.  You can hear more of Christian's music at his blog, Black Sunshine Media.

Dog Park

Dog Garden

Traffic Jammers

Renai Traffic Circle

Historic Tunnel

Two Red-light Runners

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