Monday, November 18, 2013

Go Anywhere at Any Time

From cruisers, to beaters, and finally racing bikes, the former rider interviewed for this video has owned them all during more than two decades in Taiwan. In this post, Taipei Scooter Style brings you Go Anywhere at Any Time.
"The feeling of not being enclosed in metal but just going so fast. It's almost like skiing in a way. Just, you know, whoosh, going along. The complete maneuverability. It's what I miss -- just the ability to go anywhere at any time."
Learn what it's like to go flying over the hood of a taxi, try but fail to prevent someone from dying in a motorcycle accident, and stumble across a motorcycle that you used to own after it's been tricked up. Hear theories on why Taiwanese love their scooters so much, how to go with the flow of traffic, and how to take an arresting photograph of a scooter.

That's what you hear, but what is there to see in this video? The ride starts off in Taipei's Wanhua District, navigates narrow (and I mean narrow) alleys, and then races up Zhonghua Road. After dark, the route heads along Changan Road to Tunhua, south to Keelung Road, and finally across the river into New Taipei City.

As the interview touches on riding the way it used to be in Taiwan, Taipei Scooter Style made special effort to get stuck in heavy but moving traffic so viewers can see what it is like to ride surrounded by other vehicles as two-wheelers snake between taxis, cars, buses, and pedestrians.

No one was harmed or ticketed in the making of this video. Hard to believe, huh?

A cop breaks the first rule of safe scootering: never be the first vehicle into an intersection.

The Da-an District

The last farmhouse in Wanhua

Light traffic with a Mickey Mouse rain poncho

Elderly ladies deep in the maze

Old man in short shorts

Passing lane

Whitewash Alley