Saturday, October 19, 2013

Typhoon Coast

Typhoon Fitow gave Taiwan a close shave in early October, but it didn't come ashore. Instead it churned through the seas north of the island.  I had the day off of work, so I decided to ride up to the north coast to see the large waves that I thought might be striking the seashore.

The North Coast

Starting at the Yanminghsan Public Cemetery No. 1, overlooking Beitou, I took Dongsheng Road to Qingnian Road, but found a fallen tree blocking my way up the narrow twisting road. Retreating, I followed Hushan Road to the Yangjin Highway that leads past Xiaoyou Keng before descending to Jinshan, on the coast.

Smoldering fire

After turning left on the Tanjin Highway, between Jinshan and Tanshui, I drove along the coast, stopping frequently to witness the large waves crashing on the rocky shore. The sky was grey, and so was the sea water. The waves weren't as high as I had hoped, but they were still quite a spectacle.

Qingnian Road to Zhuzihu

Spawn of Fitow
Over the mountain to the coast
I raided a copyright free music website for the portions of four songs used for this video. You can see a list of the artists and songs at the end of the video.