Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lady Pink Many

Taipei Scooter Style traveled to Xinwu, Taoyuan County over the weekend, but not to see the giant yellow duck. Instead I was eager to see what was up with the local scooter style. I spied this woman watching a stage performance while sitting on a Pink Many. 

A friend and I had been discussing whether scooter riders coordinated their outfits, and the example of this woman seemed to support the hypothesis. I thought this photograph might have been the only one I would get of her, but she decided to ride to another vantage point to watch the show.

I was attracted to the subtle modifications that she had made to her Many. She had added a line of rhinestones around the running light and some of the accent lines. It was understated but eye-catching.

I was curious as to why she had chosen this particular model of scooter, and when I asked her this question, her answer was simple and straightforward. She likes the color pink. She didn't have much else to say, appearing rather shy when being 'interviewed' by two aliens in Rambler wear. She offered a final smile, and of course a victory sign with her fingers.