Friday, September 13, 2013

Video 19: Rising River Stone Door

Be sure to view the video in HD. 

Taiwan got lashed by storms in late August and early September, and on one of these occasions, Taipei Scooter Style journeyed to Shimen Dam to see water being released from one of its mountainside spillways.

It costs NT$30 (US$1) to enter the dam area, and there are several viewing areas to visit. The most spectacular is below the dam where a spillway empties its water into the river. The view from the top of the dam is also worth seeing, with the still green waters of the lake on one side and and the swollen river far below on the other.

The dam is just a 45-minute ride from my house, and made for a pleasant afternoon ride, despite the intermittent deluges of rain. The roads were largely free of storm debris since the winds had not been particularly strong.

As is often the case when riding in the countryside, dogs on the road were a hazard, but happily none were hurt in the making of this video.