Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scooters on the Showroom Floor

A few weeks ago, I posted the DM from my local hypermart. You must remember it. It was full of photos of scooters and other related products.

This evening I was at the store and decided to take some pics of the scooter sales area. As a I wrote before, it's right next to the scooter parking area.

So lots of scooter riders see the new models lined up there, but I haven't seen many people actually look them over. Nor had I done that myself, until this evening.

So now I present to you, the latest scooter models on sale at a local hypermart, with prices visible on cards affixed to the handlebars. Remember to divide by 30 to get the price in US$. By the way, they are also advertising 0% financing for 30 months for qualified buyers.

 One of many expensive household products on sale at your local grocery

 The scooter that looks more like a transformer than any other model

 The sole import in the crowd, the Yamaha

 So special it needs to be separated from the other scooters. the S Max

 Sporty bikes, with the Racing 150 at far left

 The Cuxi cafe racer in the center

Hot pink Aeon with tamer stablemates