Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scooter Hyper Store DM

I got this flyer a few months ago. It's from the store where I do my grocery shopping. Such junk mail usually goes into the recycling bag, but this one was worth sharing.

(Remember to click on pictures to view them in the gallery. The resolution is much higher.)

There's a display of these scooters in the underground parking lot where customers park. It's right near the scooter parking area, and close to the basket ball game and kiddy-rides.

In fact, it was in this store that I first saw the model that I ended up buying, the Kymco Techno GT 150. I didn't buy it here, but I knew what I was looking for when I went to a scooter dealer in Xindian.

The prices listed are in New Taiwan dollars, so divide by 30 for the price in US dollars.

This store also sells helmets, and you can tell from the prices that they are decidedly low-end fare. If you can find a helmet for less than NT$99, I'd guess it was made of paper or cling wrap.

And here's the motor oil and rain suits. I'd guess most scooter riders get their oil changed at repair shops. There is a shocking lack of variety in rain suit fashions. I suspect they are made by the same companies that make cheap inflatable rafts. The boots are just the thing for Taipei's torrential rain storms.