Saturday, September 28, 2013

North by Northwest

A stormy day last week was an opportunity to take a longer ride, so Taipei Scooter Style headed toward Taoyuan County on a looping route that would travel along the coast before crossing over Kuanyin Mountain and turning back to Taipei. 

The video of the ride is North by Northwest and features helmet cam video from the GoPro Hero 3, images from Google Earth with the route's GPS track superimposed, and several still images captured with an HTC smartphone. Make sure to watch the video in HD.

Here's a map of the day's route and a brief description:

The first section of the video is the ride to Sanxia via Baiji, a mountain route that is a great start to a ride out of the Taipei Basin. Then it's across the river to Yingge and on to Bade in a zigzag pattern that clearly indicates a lack of certainty about the direction one is heading in.

Avoiding both Taoyuan City and Chungli, the circuitous path leads to Dayuan and eventually the coast near the International Airport. Getting near the coast is easier than getting to it, so it took some time to find an appropriate place to dismount and take in the sights.

After passing wind turbines, a nuclear power plant, and a water fun park in Bali, the Kymco 150 climbs the flanks of Kuanyin Mountain in search of a sunset view of the coast and later a route back to Taipei.

Finally, the Kuandu Bridge and Dadu Road are traversed, the latter at digitally enhanced maximum velocity, before splashing back to Taipei City.

In total, the journey was 176 kilometers in length with a moving average of 37 kilometers per hour.

Finally, a few still images from the video:

Offensive riding
Defensive shop owner
Spoiled coast
Kuanyin Mountain
Welcoming Wuku