Monday, September 2, 2013

Morakot Electric Scooter

Taipei Scooter Style was in Taoyuan over the weekend, walking the streets in one of the newly developed parts of the town. At one intersection near the new Performing Arts Center, I spied an electric scooter with an eye-catching name, Morakot.

Photo by T.C. Lin
For those of us in Taiwan, that moniker is memorable for it was applied to a typhoon that struck the island in August 2009. It led to the death of approximately 700 people, and is closely associated with a landslide in Kaohsiung County that entirely destroyed the village of Xiaolin.

Photo by T.C. Lin
The Morakot Scooter spotted in Taoyuan was piloted by a man in a yellow rain poncho made from thin plastic. As he waited for a traffic light, friend of the blog TC Lin snapped a few photos and engaged the rider in a brief conversation.

He reported that he could ride approximately 35 kilometers before needing to recharge the battery on the Morakot. Apparently, the scooter was close to that limit already, because when the light changed and the other vehicles briskly pulled away, the Morakot sedately motored forward.

The Morakot is manufactured by China's Hangzhou Morakot Electric Bike Manufacture Co., Ltd.