Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taipei Scooter Style Video 16: Scooter Shopping in Sanchung

Sanchung has a bad reputation, but I felt quite welcome in the Datong neighborhood. I journeyed across the bridge into the heart of this much maligned territory. The boulevards are busy, but it was to the lanes and alleys I was drawn.

The Datong neighborhood lies just to the north of the Zhongxiao Bridge, and is centered on Datong Street, which runs north from Huanhe S. Road to Dazhi Park. Datong is a traditional market, with vendors selling all manner of foods and goods.

The alleys off Datong Street are extremely narrow and run between the long, low residential buildings. People are everywhere in the market, riding scooters and bicycles, walking, eating, shopping, but the alleys are quiet and offer some refuge.

Twenty years ago, when I first arrived in Taipei, I used to work at a textile factory in nearby Hsinchuang. I crossed the bridge into Sanchung several times a week, but I never spent much time there. I thought it was about time to pay a return visit.

This video is the product of that journey.