Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shopping via Scooter in Sanzhong

Just across the Tamsui River from Taipei City is Sanzhong, formerly a city in its own right, but now a district of New Taipei City. As the work day ends in Taipei, residents of Sanzhong and other districts across the river stream westward across the bridges to get home.

Most people who live or work in Taipei don't have much reason to get over to Sanzhong. It is not a tourist destination, like Tamsui or Bitan, nor does it boast luxury shopping malls such as one finds near Taipei 101.

What it does have, I discovered while riding around this area, is a traditional market used by scooter riders, many of whom do not even bother to dismount when shopping for food to take home.

Datong Street is a thriving market, at least it was the afternoon I visited, lined with vendors selling fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, noodles and steamed buns, children's clothing and lingerie, hardware and everything in between.

In the next several posts, Taipei Scooter Style will share images of the action in the market, with scooters featuring prominently. And yes, video is on the way. I could not help but join the throng of scooter riders who cruise up and down the crowded market, jostling with bicyclists and pedestrians.

And just in case you're wondering, I never heard any honking or cursing. People were sharing the road like it's an every day thing. And it is.