Monday, July 15, 2013

Video 13: Shi Da Night Market

This post is another video taken from one of Taipei's YouBikes. In this installment, I'm riding around Shi Da Night Market, in Taipei City's Da-an District.

The future of this night market is somewhat uncertain due to the actions of the Shidahood Association. David Frazier has written about this issue in the Taipei Times.

This area is just outside National Taiwan Normal University, and it's usually full of students, other young people, and those who love to prowl the market.

The park along Shida Rood used to be a notorious hangout at night, where university students, including ones from overseas, would drink cheap beers from 7-11 and leave their trash strewn on the ground.

The area has been cleaned up a bit, and shops and restaurants on the periphery of the market have been closed down due to pressure on the city government by the Shidahood Association.

One of the Taipei's best livehouses, Underworld, was located in a basement dive just across from the park, but it was closed down for good in June 2013.

In this video, I comment on fashion, a penguin-like traffic policeman, the air conditioning that blasts out from the open shops, and a place to get inexpensive Mexican-ish food.