Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sunday Ride to the Seashore

Here's a ride I took on Sunday. I intended to stay fairly close to Taipei, since I thought it might rain in the afternoon. As it turned out, the weather stayed hot and dry all day. My only definite plan was to get to some part of the seashore and return to Taipei on a different road

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According to Google Maps, my journey was 160 kilometers in length and should have taken around five hours to complete. The predicted timing was just about accurate, but I also spent about an hour at the seashore before stopping for lunch near the Bisha Harbor.

Leaving Xindian, I headed NNE to Shiding, then SE to Pinglin, and NNE again to Fulong Beach, indicated as Gongliao on the map above. There I took the coastal highway N to Keelung before heading back into SW back into the Taipei basin.

The roads from Shiding to Pinglin and then on to Shuangxi are some of the best in New Taipei City for scooters: little traffic, decent road surface, scenic views, no shops. The route from Keelung back to Taipei has one advantage -- it's direct.