Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scooter Drops a Load

If you hang around a Taipei intersection long enough, you're bound to see something you've never seen before. At Zhongxiao/Xinsheng, I spotted this unlikely accident. A scooter driver pulling a hand truck loaded with boxes had spilled his cargo in the intersection.

Passersby volunteered to help him carry the boxes over to the sidewalk. Pedestrians waiting to use the crosswalk looked on in amusement.

When all of the boxes had been moved off the street, the plywood that had supported the whole load, as well as the hand truck, were disconnected from the scooter and carried to the sidewalk.

And then the inexplicable. Disregarding the traffic lights and the cars/scooters on Xinsheng that were passing through the intersection, the driver jumped on his scooter and rode east on Zhongxiao. He left all of his cargo on the sidewalk, so I assume he rode off in search of ... another hand truck? a bigger piece of plywood? another bungee cord? a bottle of Whisbih and a box of betel nut? Who knows?

But he took off on a mission, with seeming little regard for the other road users. I half expected him to get hit by one of the passing cars or scooters, but he made it through the intersection in one piece.

If this were an episode of the Colbert Report, this guy would be named Alpha Dog of the Week.