Monday, May 27, 2013

Video 8: Yenping North Road

Yenping North Road, in Taipei's historic Tatong District, has long held the title of Scooter Central, with more scooter shops per block than any other area in the city.

In this video, you'll hundreds of scooters parked along the street, but not many customers. The sales people are hungry. One guy is scarfing his dinner from a lunch box, and another called out to me as I rode slowly along the street.

As I mention on the video, I bought a two-stroke crotch rocket here in 1991, but never bought another ride in this neighborhood. There is a wide selection of second-hand scooters here, but one must always be on guard for the deal that's too good to be true.

The engine on my 135 c.c. two-stroker froze not long after I purchased it, and once I had the engine rebuilt, the bike was stolen from in front of my apartment in Donghu in 1991.

I stayed with large wheel (but small displacement) rides until I opted for a car in 1995, but since I got back to scooters in 2007, I've found the convenience of scooters, and their all important CVT (continuously variable transmissions), to be perfectly suited to city driving.

Ah, that's enough ramble. Here's the video.