Saturday, May 18, 2013

Video 7: Zhonghe

Zhonghe used to be a city in Taipei County, but when Taipei County was reorganized as New Taipei City, Zhonghe was downgraded to a district. It's got a population of over 400,000, and many people who work in Taipei City live in this district, where the rents are lower and the orange line of the MRT system connects to the rest of the Taipei Metropolis.

Zhonghe's Huaxin Street is known as Burma Street because of the number of restaurants and shops that cater to the Burmese immigrants to Taiwan that have settled nearby. Compared to the nearby Xingnan Night Market, Burma Street is pretty tame with little foot traffic. Riding through a night market on a scooter is a special Taipei Scooter Style experience.

The variety of road users a rider must deal with can be daunting, but low and slow gets you to the end of the market. Listen closely and you can hear the garbage truck calling residents to deposit their daily waste while it waits at the corner.