Friday, May 3, 2013

Video 6: Tianmu Sunset

This latest video demonstrates a 7-kilometer route through Taipei's foreigner ghetto of Tianmu. This video was taken at dusk, so the light is a bit soft, but the traffic is heavy. People are heading home after work, school buses are taking children back to the parents (or nannies), and some lucky few are traveling toward a mountain top with a view of the city at sunset. You can probably figure out which category Taipei Scooter Style is in.

Understand that I am using the term ghetto facetiously. Tianmu used to be the part of Taipei where the US military housed their troops on Taiwan, but after their departure in the 70s, the area has remained foreigner-friendly. The Taipei American School, the Taipei European School, and the Taipei Japanese School, all for the children of wealthy expats, are located there.

The route highlighted on this video heads up Zhongshan North Road past Chungcheng Park, Sogo Department Store, and Lutetia's Cafe before reaching the Taipei American School just before the intersection of Tianmu Road and Zhongshan. Then it goes up to the traffic circle at the top of Zhongshan North Road Section 7, crosses over the Tianmu Stream and cuts through a gated community (the gate is always open now) before reaching Xingyi Road. Cruising up Xingyi, it passes a number of hot spring resorts before finishing on a hilltop overlooking the northern end of the Taipei Basin and Kuanyin Mountain.