Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tragic Car v. Scooter Incident

Taiwan is a great place to ride a scooter, but the island is not immune to incidents of road rage.  This shocking story appeared in the newspaper today.

From the China Post, May 14, 2013.

A traffic dispute ended tragically yesterday when a car driver in Yilan ran over and killed a scooter rider.

The incident began when the car driver, surnamed Huang, was following a man surnamed Wu in the northeast county. Huang became angry, believing Wu to be deliberately preventing him from passing. He honked his car's horn then managed to overtake the scooter rider.

The two later got into a heated argument as they continued to drive and traded angry words and blasts of their horns with each other, according to the Yilan police.

Wu then accelerated quickly, apparently in an effort to get away, but Huang would not let him go. He followed Wu around Yilan City, even knocking down an iron fence along the way. Huang then allegedly knocked Wu off his scooter before running over his head, killing him instantly.