Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poor Judgement on a Scooter

Good judgement is critical on a scooter, while wearing a cape and a thong. This lesson from the Wisconsin State Journal.
A 56-year-old Madison man who likes to ride around town on a scooter wearing a thong, a helmet and a black cape with red trim might be a disturbing sight to schoolchildren and teachers, but he’s not breaking any laws.
Police were called May 16 by staff at John F. Kennedy Elementary School after the man police call “Thong Cape Scooter Man” rode by when students were walking to a bus after school.
He didn’t do anything more than ride by, according to a Madison police news release. But parents and teachers were disturbed.
A police sergeant went to the man’s house to have a brief talk with him.
“He said he exercised poor judgment by going by the school at that time of day, it was unintentional and he just happened to be traveling through the area,” police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.