Monday, April 22, 2013

Video 4: City Tour

Here's another ride that I do quite often when heading to the northern suburbs of Taipei. The video starts on Chongching South Road near Heping West Road. I talk about the effect that a traffic camera has on the speed of scooters in this section of the road. My comment about a drag race is not to be taken literally.

There are a number of sightseeing points along this route, so I've named it City Tour. Places that I discuss in the early stage of the ride include the Presidential Residence, the Ministry of Justice, the Presidential Office Building, the Taiwan History Museum, and the old Land Bank headquarters.

This is one of the guards outside the Presidential Residence. Is he playing Angry Birds? Oh, and who knew that fire hydrants might be blurred on Google Maps? Does facial recognition see something there that we don't?

This is the Judicial Yuan building that the ride passes on Chongching South Road. It was completed in 1934 on the former site of a temple dedicated to Guan Gong.

The Ministry of Justice building is just next door, but it's not a particularly handsome building. Cutting it off in order to show the scooter riding by was not an accident of editing.

This is the Presidential Office Building. It was built for the Japanese governor-general of Taiwan when it was a colony of Japan. The tower is sixty meters tall.

Here's the Taiwan History Museum in 228 Peace Memorial Park. The museum is worth including on a Taipei City tour, for the quality of the exhibitions inside as well as the building itself.

By they way, if you can't tell from the strange perspective, and the Google copyright notice at the bottom left of the photographs, these images are from Google Maps.

I explain the route that scooter riders must take near Taipei Main Station, and the dangers to watch out for. In front of the bus station on Chengde Road, we see the aftermath of a scooter collision and paramedics helping one of the victims onto a gurney.

We then jump ahead to Chungshan North Road, approaching the Grand Hotel. I discuss the tangled route that scooters must follow to navigate the stretch back onto Chungshan. Finally, the route heads under the MRT line just past the Jiantan Station, and then proceeds onto Wenlin road near the Shilin Night Market.

You can see hundreds of scooters parked along the road in front of a large service station. A parking lot attendant demonstrates courtesy while stopping traffic so that a car can enter the road.