Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scooter Environment

A friend of the site sent me this photograph of this abandoned scooter that is being colonize by plants. Thanks to Sany Murray for sharing this scooter terrarium. You'd be surprised where plants can grown in Taiwan. I first saw a tree growing out of the interior wall of a daycare center at a textile factory in Hsinchuang here I was teaching in 1990. Another favorite  is the tree growing out of a building at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Nanhai Road.

I also had an email exchange with another friend who suggested that riders be asked to give reviews of their own scooters. Alex suggested that this information might be entertaining as well as useful for people in the market for a new or used scooter. If anyone is interested in sharing a review and some photographs of your ride, Taipei Scooter Style would love to host them on the site. It would also be possible to conduct a short interview via skype about your scooter and experiences driving in Taipei. Please get in touch if you are interested in participating.