Monday, March 4, 2013

Ximending Parking Garage

As this project reaches its fourth month, I adopted a new strategy: browsing in a parking garage. Ximending attracts a lot of young people, who often ride flashy scooters, so I've started many of my Taipei Scooter Style expeditions in this part of town. The garage has got a nice view of a busy intersection near a park used by skateboarders, but its the hundreds of scooters lined up on four floors that mainly drew my attention.

I'll share some of the others later in the week, but today's feature is this Yamaha BW's 125. Japanese scooters are said to be of better build quality, but that wasn't what caught my eye on this one. It was the seat. It looks super narrow because of the cover design, but in fact the cushion is the normal size.

The side view of the scooter isn't quite so eye-catching; at least I couldn't make it appear that way while it was wedged between two other scooters on the fourth floor of the garage.

You can find the specs for this scooter at this site, but if you just want to see a guy showing off on one for a girl in Daisy Dukes, here you go.

If you're looking for somewhere to park your scooter out of the rain in Ximending, this is the place you need to find.

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