Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time Fines Drinks Turns

The traffic lights can be long at major intersections, and with the timers counting down the seconds until the light turns green, there is time enough to do what needs to get done. Here's a woman who is adjusting her headphones.

This traffic cop was having a busy evening pulling scooter riders over to the side of the road. This is at Hsinyi and Keelung Road. Motorcycles can ride in separated lanes on the right and the left side of this one-way road. Those in the left lane must turn left onto Keelung. Those in the right lane can turn right on Keelung or go straight on Hsinyi. The riders this cop was catching were trying to move from the left lane to the right during the red light. At one point, there were three scooter riders all getting a ticket for the same infraction at the same time. I never saw anyone turn off the scooter, dismount, and push it to the right lane. That's what I would do if I wanted to attempt this legally. Driving along the crosswalk, as the rider in this photograph is doing, is never allowed.

This was a rainy evening, so here's a couple in raingear. The driver has his jacket on backwards, while the woman on the back is wearing a poncho. She's keeping her hands warm inside his jacket. The driver is holding two bubble milk teas, and drinking out of one of them through a giant straw that allows the tapioca balls to be sucked up.

Here I'm working with a long exposure to show how scooter riders position themselves in the turn boxes. The riders are approaching from the west, after crossing the Bailing Bridge. When they reach Chengde Road and wish to turn left, they pull off to the right, driver through the crosswalk, and then position themselves facing north, waiting to cross Zhongzheng Road when the light turns green.