Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reasons to love a scooter

This woman's helmet says it all. I love my bike. Not the message I would be looking for on someone's helmet, but not surprised to find it there. That's one of the things about scooters: they inspire affection. Have you ever seen a sticker on a car that said, I love my car? I don't think so. As you can see, she's color coordinated her outfit: red helmet, brown knit cap, red face mask, and rust colored jacket.

When you see three, four, or even five people on a scooter, it makes you wonder just how much it's possible to carry. But I think this picture demonstrates that the art of carrying stuff on two-wheeled vehicles is not limited to scooters. The woman on the bicycle is balancing a desk on her bike's cargo rack. In comparison, she makes the woman with two kids on her scooter seem as if she is hardly carrying anything.

This guy was carrying what looked like pages from the telephone book but probably weren't. After he pulled up at the light, he busied himself with flipping through the pages and balling them up. Before the light changed, he had finished his task and deposited them back into his pocket. People on the MRT play with their smartphones; scooter riders have to be more inventive in the ways that they entertain themselves during their commute.