Saturday, February 2, 2013

Posing Chatting Chewing

These two lads just have an air about them, don't they? On the way to no good? Or just cruising around to show off to the ladies? I love how they both hold their cigarettes at rakish angles. And an expressive eyebrow always makes a face more interesting, don't you think? Short pants and bare legs, with flip flops, no less, are sure to make an appearance when it stops raining in winter. Notice how the passenger has his hand firmly on the rail at the back of the seat. I've never been a fan of riding on the back of a scooter, in fact I hate it, but I can manage it when there is something on the side of the seat to hold onto. Putting my hands behind my back as a the rider accelerates into traffic? No thanks.

Riding solo in Taipei Traffic is an individual activity, for the most part, but when two people are traveling together on separate scooters, little signs give away their connection. This couple was easy to spot, since they are so obviously engaged in conversation. You might like to imagine that they have just struck up a conversation waiting for the traffic light to change, but that happens rarely. When strangers on scooters talk to each other, it is usually to exchange practical information like asking for/giving directions, point out that something has been dropped, or threaten to beat someone for poor roadway etiquette. By the way, check out how that yellow sports shoe gleams in the light. I think this is an example of why brightly colored sports shoes are en vogue in Taipei now. For February 2013, Taipei Scooter Style is a trick bike, an ironic helmet, a jacket with a fur collar, and neon sports shoes. Two of four for this couple.
Awesome helmet here, with a tiger graphic on the side. But that is not what draws the eye, is it? This guy was giving his thumbnail a good work over. Not the most common of sights in traffic, even less common than nose-picking.  He's wearing a suit, with a briefcase slung on a strap over one shoulder. Perhaps he had a bad day at work, or he's off to an important meeting. Either way, he stands out from the crowd.