Sunday, February 3, 2013

Leg Spots Polka Dots

Legs a'plenty on Taipei scooters. High top sneakers remain a fashion staple when riding pillion, as does a firm grip on the rider's midsection.
The spots on this woman's legs are the result of mosquito bites. Such spots are quite common, actually, but not everyone wears so many or so openly. Her slippers are mainstream Taipei Scooter Style for many office ladies. I have to think she is pretty fond of that monster bag she's carrying
Finally, this gentleman is keeping his legs covered, but he couldn't be more in tune with Taipei Scooter Style. The blue flip flops he's got on are the classic outdoor footwear for men of his generation. His ride, while not technically a scooter, but with an engine of comparable displacement, is covered in spots that have been haphazardly spray-painted on the gas tank and side panel. People who are serious that they will never lose another cycle to thieves adopt this security measure. The theory is that no thief would want to steal a bike painted in this manner. This hardly seems reasonable, but like so many customs in Taiwan, its popularity is undeniable. I put this custom in the same category as cementing shards of broken glass on the tops of walls to dissuade burglars from entering and keeping the refrigerator in the living room. Oh, and in case you missed it, his helmet has also been spotted. And look how successful his efforts have been. Neither his cycle nor helmet have been stolen.