Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Scooters

This afternoon was one of the nicest days in some time, so I went scooter hunting with some anticipation. The first likely area that I came to was Gongguan, and I wasn't disappointed. I saw what I believe to be one of the youngest scooter riders I've ever seen. His eco-friendly electric vehicle had both a Ferrari and a BMW logo on it. He wasn't keeping up with traffic, but he was riding a nice straight line. His mom was right there alongside. Is this a single-parent family, or is dad just too busy to take the kid riding?

I also came across my first Taiwan branded helmet. Even if her helmet didn't say the name of the country in which the photograph was taken, the sight of the child (sans helmet) tucked in between the driver and passenger ought to make it obvious. There is no one-child policy in Taiwan, but according to the scooter family index, which I just made up, it's obvious that most families are having only one.

Finally, a family of four, with the youngest sitting in a baby chair wedged between the seat and steering column. This photo got me thinking about the low birthrate in Taiwan. No wonder it's so hard to get a picture of a family with three children on a scooter; there just aren't many around anymore. Dad gets one point for difficulty for riding with only one hand.