Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taipei Scooter Videos

Readers of Taipei Scooter Style enjoyed the last video I posted, so I'm sharing another two today. I made these just after I got my camera in 2011. The first video is another trip into Taipei City from my home in the suburbs, but the route is different since the entire expressway hadn't been opened at that time. The video includes passing a funeral procession in Chunghe, going into Muzha's National Chengchi University to pick up my diploma, and then heading back across the river to get home.
The second video was made the same day. In this film, I head up to a favorite spot in Wulai for a swim. While parking my scooter before hiking up the trail to my swimming hole I encounter a man collecting bees from a pile of rotting fruit under a giant wax apple/bell fruit tree. He was putting them into a bottle of alcohol to produce a super-vitality drink. On the way back, I stop in to visit my friend Jeremy who runs Bikefarm, a scooter/motorcycle rental business catering to foreign residents of Taiwan who wish to experience the two-wheeled adventure of the island.