Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stopping on the Crosswalk

Stopping on the crosswalk is de rigueur in Taipei. It's interesting that neither of these drivers has completely stopped on the crosswalk. In both cases, only the front wheel is on the paint. The rear wheel stays safely behind the line.

I assume the look on the guy's face in the first photo is an indication of how he feels to have had his photo taken as he is sitting on the crosswalk. His girlfriend's boots make the biggest fashion statement here.
The woman in the second photo has a cage on the foot stand, but it's not a puma inside; instead, a cute little doggy. The mix-and-match quality of her outfit suggests she might be color blind, or at least doesn't care too much about scooter fashion. Truth be told, many drivers, myself included, probably look as haphazardly dressed as this woman.