Friday, January 25, 2013


Pedestrian overpasses are a feature of roadways in Taipei. Looking down from them gives one a view of how scooter riders and other road users negotiate their passage.

This is an expressway in New Taipei City that connects the Ankeng area of Xindian District with Zhonghe and and other districts on the western side of the Xindian River. The scooter lane is in the middle of the road because it is carrying traffic that has just passed through a tunnel, one lane of which is for cars and the other for scooters. The lane on the left is shared by all vehicles coming from the intersection to the south on Jingping Road.

Here's a view of traffic heading north on Roosevelt Road in the Gongguan area near National Taiwan University. There is a separate bus lane in the middle of the roadway for buses heading south to Jingmei, but buses going north share the lanes with other vehicles.

This image is a view of Zhongxiao East Road in the Sungshan area, north east of Taipei 101. The building with the purple lights on top is not 101, by the way.

Here's a shot looking directly down onto scooter riders waiting in the scooter box at the same intersection. 
Now that's Taipei 101, looking south from Zhongxiao East Road. I believe that the building in the foreground is the Bella Vita.

Finally, more shots from the overpass at Songshan.