Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Electric Scooter

Here is the E-Moving scooter. According to a report on, this model, manufactured by China Motor Company (CMC), sells for NT$56,000 (US$2,200). It is in the small/light e-scooter category and has a range of 40 kilometers.
You certainly don't see many of these on the road, but they are more numerous than Segways (range of 38 kilometers and a Taiwan price in 2005 of NT$240,000).
In 2011, CMC sold 6,003 e-scooters and gained 79% of the market share, compared to Yamaha Taiwan's 7% (510 units), Kenfa's 2% (174 units), and others' 12% (892).
Taiwan's government plans for 160,000 electric scooters to be on the road by the end of 2013. A government subsidy of NT$12,000 is offered toward each purchase. It is reported that approximately 1,000 electric scooters are sold each month.

Here are a couple last-minute thoughts about this scooter. Notice the big scuff mark on the front fender. Apparently, this scooter might just have enough power to go too quickly in traffic, or the brakes aren't powerful enough to stop it in a hurry. The plastic cover on the seat is a nice Taipei touch. You used to see people riding bicycles still wrapped in their protective plastic covers, but since the bicycle fad has taken off, it's become a lot less common. Finally, notice the fold-down seat in front of the passenger seat. You see these a lot on scooters used to carry young children.