Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cold beer, crosswalk cop, and 3-wheel recycler

Riding a scooter in Taipei is thirsty work. The ad on the truck is for Taiwan Beer, with "distinctive flavor". The woman on the scooter is presenting fine Taipei Scooter Style. She has her jacket on backwards and the cargo area at her feet is full of boxes.
A police officer watches that pedestrians are given the right of way when using a crosswalk on Heping E. Road at Roosevelt road. His high visibility jacket not only protects him from traffic injury, but it is also a useful signal for drivers to act with greater courtesy.

A notable figure in the eastern part of Taipei, this guy cruises the avenues and alleys picking up recyclables. Over his head is the frame on which he could stretch a canvas roof to provide shade during the hot (and wet) summer months.